SoMe – Social Networks

Perhaps you’re using profiles on social networks to present a company or product, but the results aren’t going according to plan? Or perhaps you haven’t started yet, and you need to begin effectively? Whether you want to build brand awareness or performance, we will be happy to tailor a strategy for you.

Broad reach, user interaction, and effective performance

The biggest advantage of SoMe (Social Media) platforms is the ability to combine performance and Brand Building. On social networks, we can work on building a good name for your brand and a positive relationship with customers, and we can collect leads or target those who want to buy and hold target PNO. Other channels often require you to choose between a specific format — but not social networks.

How do we use SoMe platforms?

The first step is to determine the goals of the campaign, which metrics to evaluate, and the impact on the performance of your business. It makes no difference whether you want to build a brand or run performance campaigns. The evaluation method and your primary business goals are key to us.

Targeting and performance

We’ll deliver your campaigns to relevant users. Are you looking to increase Awareness? Or rather, sales and investment return are important to you? We will choose the targeting, audience, and strategy according to your KPIs.

Choosing the platform

Every social network has its advantages and disadvantages. We will choose the ideal mix of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, and so on. There are plenty of possibilities.


We know that up to 80% of social media success is creativity. Our team will prepare multiple variations of ad formats for you to deliver the best results — we don’t bet everything on one card.


Social media campaigns have an impact on the entire business and must match it. When evaluating success, we also monitor assisted conversions, the impact on other channels, and your business as a whole.

Why take the plunge into the world of social networks with us?

We are a Facebook Marketing Partner and an experienced team of specialists who work with analysts, strategists, and other teams in PROFICIO DIGITAL. We don’t rest on our laurels — on the contrary, we’re constantly coming up with new ideas on how to achieve even better results. Are you ready to join the community of our growing clients?