When there are no visitors, there are no sales either

We will bring the best audience possible


Search is our bread and butter

We will bring the highest quality and most relevant traffic to your site. We also hook users who are in later phase of the transaction process.

Effective SEO

We will help you to be seen in organic. Show the people what they are looking for and skip your competitors and their search for visitors.

Remarket wisely

We bring back people who have already visited your site. We will reach to them based on what they already looked at. Help us change your past visitors into loyal customers.

Display efficiently

We will up the reach and brand awareness in your target group. Connect with the right audience through ad systems and social media.

How we help our clients

„PROFICIO gives us the performance all-inclusive”

Ondřej Bumbálek

CMO, Student Agency

How we help our clients

„We built a successful marketing strategy together”

Luděk Suchomel

CMO, Ytong

How we help our clients

„We are in the premier league now, due to our cooperation”

Josef Mech a Adam Jurák

CMO and managing director, Sportobchod.cz

How we help our clients

„Detailed strategy has opened the doors to foreign markets”

Rudolf Jániš

Owner and founder, Sanitino

„We push our limits forward”

Michal Hubík

CEO, Aktin.cz

„We grow with PROFICIO. For over 6 years in double digits”

Dominik Řihák

Managing director, Top-opbaly.cz

„PROFICIO helped us handle record amounts of passengers”

Radek Zábranský

Sales and Strategic Marketing Director, Bratislava Airport

We work wherever your customers are


Display ads



Heureka and Zbozi.cz

Favi, Biano, Glami







We take care of your online campaigns

We build complex strategies


The data we collect allow us to lead campaigns and make the perfect marketing decisions for your business.


We improve the web performance to score high in the key metrics and generate revenue.


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