Strategy — many people talk about it, but few have it

The strategy simplifies decision-making and streamlines not only marketing but also business activities. Without a strategy, you will achieve the set goals more slowly, at higher cost or maybe not at all. This important part is simply not worth underestimating.

How do we define the strategy?

The strategy will tell you what to build on, what path and methods to choose, what to start from and how to do it all better than the competition. How do we get there?

Research, analysis and data collection

We will get to know you, your company, competencies, competitive advantages and weaknesses. We will focus on customers — existing and potential ones. We will find out their motivations and concerns about the use of services or products.

Segmentation and targeting

What customer segments exist, which ones will we choose and what will we offer them? Based on previous data, we will jointly select the most profitable parts of the market and start systematically conquering them.

Positioning and Brand

How do we convince target customer segments that you are better than the competition and that they should buy from you? Which brand presentation will be recognizable and open up the most opportunities for you?

Finalization and execution

Together we determine OKRs and KPIs. We will compile a strategic-tactical plan, thanks to which we will know how to meet the defined goals in terms of product, price, distribution and marketing.

Why embark on a strategy with us?

Our digital DNA predisposes us to a strong result orientation and data-based decision-making. We care about understanding your visions and possibilities so that together we can define a fitting strategy that will effectively move your company forward.

How we help our clients

„PROFICIO gives us the performance all-inclusive”

Ondřej Bumbálek

CMO, Student Agency

How we help our clients

„We built a successful marketing strategy together”

Luděk Suchomel

CMO, Ytong

How we help our clients

„We are in the premier league now, due to our cooperation”

Josef Mech a Adam Jurák

CMO and managing director,

How we help our clients

„Detailed strategy has opened the doors to foreign markets”

Rudolf Jániš

Owner and founder, Sanitino

How we help our clients

„We push our limits forward”

Michal Hubík


How we help our clients

„We grow with PROFICIO. For over 6 years in double digits.”

Dominik Řihák

Managing director,

How we help our clients

„PROFICIO helped us handle record amounts of passengers”

Radek Zábranský

Sales and Strategic Marketing Director, Bratislava Airport

Want to help define a strategy?

We build complex strategies


The data we collect allow us to lead campaigns and make the perfect marketing decisions for your business.


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