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Attractive content and clear visual style can affect your whole transaction process. Entice new potential customers, bring them to your site and give them the right information at the right time.


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Content strategies

Based on your area of business and your customers, we will find the best way to promote you. We can learn what your customers are interested in and serve it to them.

Social Media Management

It is imperative to be seen on social media. We make sure that all your communication finds the right audience.

Create a brand identity

Use brandmanual to ensure your communication is consistent and your visual style clearly defined. Stand out from your competitors and stay in your customer’s memory.

Bring new customers in

By having the best possible creatives and content creators, we ensure your customers will get all the information they need and stay loyal to you in the future, too.

How has our content helped our clients?

Bratislava Airport

Our campaign has helped in increasing the total passenger count to 2 292 712 in 2018, resulting in 18% year-on-year growth. Overall, this has resulted in the breaking of previous record from 2008.

For this campaign, PROFICIO has prepared the creative concept as well as PR in the media.

Konica Minolta

We designed a new product campaign for the tech giants of Konica and their new service on Czech market.

The goal of this campaign was to transform the public image of Konica, from the percieved printer maker to tech innovators they are. Thanks to careful otpimizations, we have managed to lead the most successful online campaign in the company history.


We create creative campaigns for the number one vendor of sanitary goods. We have twice won the E‑shop of the year award in housing and design.

HT dveře

“People do not know the difference that security door can make, so they ask us a lot on Facebook about it.” We can work wonders, even with vague assignments.

And honestly, it made us happy, as we immediately went to Messenger chatbot solutions. It now helps customers with their questions 24/7.

HT dveře

We created a videoguide for door vendors with an even braver method, as our client wants to present themselves that way, too! Therefore, we have hired an actor and came up with some spicy jabs on the spot.

It’s my life!

Social media and interactions can also be light-hearted and fun — at least we consider it to be the case. We do Facebook and Instagram marketing for It’s My Life, and put heavy emphasis on keeping their customers entertained, instead of the typical dieting website. All of this was to show that you don’t have to suffer to lose weight, as our client will gladly help with your weightloss simply through good dietary practices.

YQ Building of the Year

We created a contest for Ytong, to generate and collect a large amount of user created content and to increase awareness about their construction systems. Thanks to our well thought out contest page and interesting promotion, we managed to surpass all expectations.

The amount of registered construction was at 243% of our target in Czechia, with Slovakia reaching 320% of our target. We still utilise this content up to this day.


We devised a completely new content strategy for Student Agency and their holiday-selling portal. The strategy covered both their web content as well as their social media communication, utilising persona and researches prepared during their website redesign. To better understand the decision process during vacation shopping, we utilised Value Proposition Canvas method.


We created a Facebook Messenger bot contest for this electronics e‑shop, to improve their brand recongnition.

All in all, over 5 000 contestants have entered, with the price of one contestant being 0.9 CZK, bringing more than 4000% more fans than what the long-time average was.

In total, we connected with over 125 000 users and got 7 extra orders from contestants themselves.


We were tasked with photographing for this international carrier, and these pictures are used on their site and promotional material. Through this, we have gained content for social media, which we used to start building their brand.

Getting a lorry and a bus, both driving at higher speeds, on a picture together was a difficult task — but one we managed to pass with flying colors.

EO security

We recorded and photographed how useful these interference devices can be. Being a rather unorthodox product, we couldn’t really picture their uses, until we did the photoshoot and recordings, that is. We created explanation videos, where the client explains what an industrial espionage is and how can one prevent it from happening.


For one of our largest clients, we have created a series of short videos that explained the pros of their new system, VELUX ACTIVE.

Apart from the preparation, production, recording and postproduction of these videos, we also prepared visuals for an additional online campaign.

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