Analytics — We connect the performance of the website and campaigns with the results of business

Together we will find new opportunities for your business

We focus on optimizing marketing tools with respect to your entire business. We examine user behavior and campaign results. We connect marketing data with the cost of products and logistics. Based on the data, we will tell you where to save and where to earn more.

What we can help you with

Web and Mobile Application Analytics –⁠ Understand user behavior

We collect the right data and teach you to understand user behavior on the web or in applications. We will set up the basic tools of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. We analyze user paths with regard to the protection of the customer’s personal data.

Ecommerce Analytics –⁠ Find out which orders will earn you

We will verify which orders will earn your company more and which less. We optimize the performance of products, websites and key KPIs. We will work with a year-on-year comparison of the yield. We maximize the benefits of your marketing resources and investments.

Customer Analytics — Retain your customers

We reveal the structure of customers, the percentage of repeat purchases and regularity. According to the RFM analysis, we set the strategy of retention tools and measure their success. With Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), you get an overview of each phase of the customer’s life cycle.

Business Intelligence (BI) — Increase your profitability

We will optimize marketing campaigns using the latest technologies such as Google Cloud and Power BI. We will connect to the database of your e‑shop or accounting system and create detailed reporting, according to which you will better manage your company.

Campaign Evaluation — Be data driven

We’ll go through your traffic sources and identify vulnerabilities. We have designed our own algorithms for evaluating data driven attributions and years of experience in evaluating campaigns for our marketing team. We will tell you which marketing channel you have underinvested in and where you could save.

Experienced analytical team

Our analytical team was formed years ago from the needs of a marketing agency at the time, which wanted to evaluate its success for clients. During that time, we have focused on evaluating campaigns and the web, but we have also grown to include professionals with an overlap in the workings of business and data analytics.

Lukáš Vožda
Head of analytics
tomas netik
Tomáš Netík
Web analytics
Zuzana Maruniaková
Data science
Petr Vlček
Web analytics
Martina Grzybowská
Data automation

We work with ideal tools for measuring your data

RFM analysis

Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager

Business Intelligence

Enhanced Ecommerce

Google Cloud

Data-driven attribution

Customer Lifetime Value


Channel grouping

Google Data Studio

Power BI

We will take care of your analytics

We build complex strategies


We improve the web performance to score high in the key metrics and generate revenue.


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