Expansion and export analysis

Is your current market too small? If you want to continue to grow, expansion abroad is the way to go! At PROFICIO we will be happy to help you plan all the steps to make your entry into this new market a success.

Export analysis and competition research

We start with in-depth research. We follow this up with a set of data that will help you choose your target country. We draw on years of experience and utilize expert tools.

After shortlisting, we develop an analysis of the market situation and you will get data on e‑commerce in the most suitable country for your expansion. We will even delve into the competition and the specifics of the given web environment. We will focus on all of the important aspects, but also on behind-the-scenes details such as UX or recommendations for performance channels. We’ll also tell you what tricks your competitors are using to gain clients.


What the export analysis contains?


We will provide you with precise and specific figures on e‑commerce in the target country, which will help you to evaluate the promising future of each option.

Competition report

Through careful research, we will find out who would compete with you in a given market and what their strengths are. And then, we’ll advise you on how to outperform them.

UX and SEO

Our analysis includes checking the specifics of the target country in SEO and UX. That way you’ll know exactly what details to look for, big and small.


Besides Facebook and Google, there are dozens of other channels we can use for expansion and promotion. We will show you their statistics and prospects.

Why reach for expansion with us?

We’ve been helping clients with international expansion since 2013, most recently with the Slovak branch of Pneuboss. We handle expansion for large e‑shops such as SANITINO (Italy, Holland, Belgium, France, Austria) and Sportobchod (German-speaking Europe: Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Hungary), but also for medium-sized and smaller ones. We are happy to conquer European markets with you.

What we can help you with

Planning and implementation

Based on the data, we will prepare a comprehensive plan and deliver recommendations for each marketing channel. We can produce a highly valid estimation of which strategies will work best for you.

Campaign creation and management

We stand behind our analysis and are ready to demonstrate the suitability of the selected country with expertly crafted campaigns that will deliver maximum profit and effectiveness.

Technical health check

We can also help from a UX perspective. We will identify elements that are typical for a Czech customer but may not work abroad. And of course, we will suggest new solutions.

Complete support

We can help you with many of the potential hurdles you may face, whether they’re technical issues, social media management, spreading brand awareness or implementing new solutions.

How we help our clients

„PROFICIO gives us the performance all-inclusive”

Ondřej Bumbálek

CMO, Student Agency

How we help our clients

„We built a successful marketing strategy together”

Luděk Suchomel

CMO, Ytong

How we help our clients

„We are in the premier league now, due to our cooperation”

Josef Mech a Adam Jurák

CMO and managing director, Sportobchod.cz

How we help our clients

„Detailed strategy has opened the doors to foreign markets”

Rudolf Jániš

Owner and founder, Sanitino

How we help our clients

„We push our limits forward”

Michal Hubík

CEO, Aktin.cz

How we help our clients

„We grow with Proficio. For over 6 years in double digits”

Dominik Řihák

Managing director, Top-opbaly.cz

How we help our clients

„PROFICIO helped us handle record amounts of passengers”

Radek Zábranský

Sales and Strategic Marketing Director, Bratislava Airport

We will help you exceed your limits