Display & Video 360: embellishes ads to perfection

Are you interested in RTB? Do you want to know how to target the right audience and improve your campaign management? Then Display & Video 360 shouldn’t be a new term for you. We’ve prepared a summary of the most important features for you.

Display & Video 360 (DV360), formerly known as Doubleclick Bid Manager, introduces its own Google Demand Side Platform. This demand-side platform (DSP) is used for purchasing and operating banner advertisements in real time (real-time bidding or RTB).

And programmatic display advertising is one of the fastest growing online marketing channels. Advertisers use DSP for setting preferences such as what audience characteristics should be targeted, how much they are willing to pay for each viewed ad, or when the ads should be shown.

Key features and benefits of DV360

Extensive options of audience buying

With DV360, you can manage campaigns across image, video, TV, sound, or other multimedia channels – all on one platform.

DV360 is used for the purchasing and optimizing of media through an ad exchange while you retain a high level of control.

Ads are shown across various publishers offering advertising space in the Google Ad Exchange (AdX) service and other ad exchanges which DV360 has direct access to. So they can target your chosen audience at the right price.

Quality data are fundamental

The targeting is flexible and extensive, which makes DV360 different. Interface offers first-party and third-party audiences.

  • First-party data represent data collected from your audience. Further, you can connect your own DMP and use this data in campaigns.
  • Third-party data are from publishers such as Seznam, Cpex, CNC, Digiseg, Spotify, Heureka, etc. In foreign markets, there are many more of them (e.g. Eyeota, Audiencerate, Acxiom, Oracle, etc.). They are priced by CPM (cost per mille, meaning a thousand views), but they bring unlimited options in reaching potential customers, and also greater control over whom you target. They are even capable of creating custom audiences for us.

Precise and free targeting

You can use your audience segments as well as Google audience data, at no cost.

This allows you not only to use demographic or geographic targeting, but also to create your own audiences of users who entered particular queries into Google.

Further, you can target users who showed interest or shopping intent by recently searching websites and brands of your competitors. You can also target users based on the type of device they use, or based on predictable display visibility.

To achieve a higher quality audience and more precise targeting, you can combine lists of created audiences, too. DV360 offers limitless possibilities in targeting. It’s up to you which audience and targeting you choose.

Quality creatives

Research shows that creatives improve campaign effectiveness. Thanks to its high quality creatives (premium and rich media, interactive ads, videos, dynamic remarketing), DV360 is the best platform to maximize brand awareness. There are many formats and sizes you can use!

You also gain more impressive ads with dynamic creatives, which are more relevant, highly optimized, and with better results. We’re talking about personalized creatives with adaptable appearance in which you can change any element.

You can change, for example, the text of your call to action – CTA, URL address, images, font, or color based on data signals: who is looking at the ad, where and when are they looking at it, their behavior, device used, or viewed products.

These ads eliminate the need to create many separate creatives and can change their content at any time. By this, you can save not only time, but also money.

Brand Safety

Google puts significant emphasis on brand safety. Thanks to targeted Brand Safety, you can ensure that you only buy inventory that meets the requirements for your brand’s safety, and avoid displaying your ad next to unsuitable content.

Brand Safety can also be ensured through a third party – that is, paid tools like Integral Ad Science (IAS), DoubleVerify, or Adloox, which are integrated into DV360.

After verification of media quality by a third party is enabled, you can buy URL addresses where DV360 has data about classification from one of the verification tools of the third party. These data empower you to decide whether you want to buy the chosen placement or not. By this, you also prevent random purchase of inventory that doesn’t meet the requirements for your brand’s safety.

Limited frequency

Limiting frequency gives you control over how many times your ad will be shown to an individual user in a given time period. It works across all of your campaigns – display, video, or audio.

The optimal display frequency of the ads you choose is up to you. You can set it on minutes, hours, days, months, or even for the whole duration of your campaign.

This limitation is a great way to ensure optimal frequency per individual user across all campaigns (display, video, responsive, etc.) for the given period. With this, you prevent potential customers from being overexposed to your brand.

Automatic bidding strategy

With DV360, you can react to users’ needs faster and increase performance. It uses machine learning to automate tasks like bidding or optimization. Automatic bidding adapts your offers to customers’ behavior in real time.

Further, it’s possible to create your own bidding algorithms. They allow you to optimize campaigns based on individual steps that lead to conversion and to assign them values.

DV360 and Google Marketing Platform

DV360 is a part of Google Marketing Platform and offers a wide range of campaign options based on data. DV360 naturally complements Studio for the creation of creative materials, Campaign Manager for smooth ad displaying, and Google Analytics for performance measuring.

Currently, DV360 is often associated with Campaign Manager 360 (CM360) and together, they create a well-known dynamic duo. The combination of these two products brings many benefits. For example, you can share creatives, so you only need to upload them once, or you can share Floodlight activities (conversions) and audiences. DV360 and CM360 are closely integrated and complement each other very well.

DV360 and Adform

In the Czech Republic, the DSP platform Adform, which is simpler than complex DV360, is also widely used. But the biggest advantage of DV360, in our opinion, is the fact that it is a part of Google Marketing Platform.

This means that you can target the same way as in Google Ads: custom audiences based on searches, audiences from Google based on life events, interests, or shopping intents.

Another advantage is YouTube campaigns that work on the same principle as we know them from Google Ads. The ability to manage ad frequency across all campaigns and consolidate them with further media purchases is also beneficial.

At PROFICIO, we naturally work with both platforms, as each of them has pros and cons. We assess the choice of DSP platform based on campaign needs, as we always want the best for our clients.

DV360 makes it better

In extensive campaigns, we recommend DV360 as integral part of your strategy. Content advertisement is an ideal channel for reaching potential customers including those who were not in direct contact with your brand or product.

In extensive campaigns, we recommend DV360 as integral part of your strategy. Content advertisement is an ideal channel for reaching potential customers including those who were not in direct contact with your brand or product.

Did DV360 catch your attention and do you want to move your online marketing forward a bit? Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want more information about setting up a campaign in DV360.

Andrea Čuchranová

I use one hand for PPCs and the other for RTB campaigns. I set up, optimise, and evaluate.