Case study: How we help our clients with BI

At PROFICIO, we started working with BI (Business Intelligence) two years ago. As part of strategic marketing management, we felt the need to evaluate the impact of our work on results at the level of the entire business, not just its online component. At the same time, we can help our clients build corporate reporting and better manage their company. Read more about it below.

BI in Marketing

You may be wondering what a marketing company actually has to do with BI (Business Intelligence). The answer is straightforward. At PROFICIO, we have been building an analytical department for a long time and we were a company that, in addition to well-set campaigns, also emphasizes data and correct evaluation of our activities. BI was therefore a clear choice.

A lot of marketing investments are already managed automatically today. Google comes with increasingly autonomous campaign formats. There is a layer of scripts above them that automate or monitor campaigns. Therefore, there is a need to put much more emphasis on data quality. We not only evaluate marketing according to data, but we also “feed” the data to the robots managing the campaign.

So our field of vision has shifted from classic Google Analytics, which is great for evaluation in the context of the web, to more advanced data integrations and business reporting in tools such as Power BI.

Interconnecting All Sales Channels

Klimatex is one of the clients with whom we have successfully deployed BI reporting. Klimatex is a Czech manufacturer of sportswear offering its goods through several distribution channels: an online shop, their own stores, and a network of partners such as Sportisimo. 

Our goal was to process data from all sales channels and include production costs. The result of our work was an interactive dashboard, which you can see in the picture below. The option of drill-down on specific brands, assortment categories and individual products is an easy to see.

Thanks to this reporting, we have achieved two things:

  1. The client received an easy-to-use tool where they can effectively manage the company and plan production for the next period. They also have margin overview of individual items in the offered goods.
  2. We know the impact of campaigns from a strategic point of view and where sales and branding are supported — we now see this on a much wider scale than Google Analytics can offer (stores, partners).

Creating a Data Warehouse

Another successful implementation of BI reporting is our long-term client SportObchod/​Sportega – a relatively large online shop operating in 6 European countries. There are branches in the Czech Republic and a network of product owners who are responsible for sales of individual areas of the range.

A more integrated range and more countries of operation required creating a data warehouse on Google Cloud in the BigQuery database, where we integrated the data together with the client’s IT team. Primarily data from the online shop, as well as a transaction database, accounting system and many price lists and tariffs for carriers in individual countries were there.

The aim of the visualization was a transparent display of what contribution profit is generated by specific products, categories and brands to cover fixed costs and generate profit.

Thanks to such a display, we can, together with the client, easily identify the products that cannot be sold for profit, after taking into account the costs of marketing, logistics and payment. In addition, we know just as well about the goods that generate the largest net margin.

Transactional Economics of the Company

We work with a combination of data from online advertising platforms and business data of our clients — whether it is an online shop database, CRM or accounting software. We process this information and create a transaction model. Within this model, we match the associated costs for each order and the product it carries. In the first phase it is always marketing and logistics, which make up a significant part of online shop expenses. In addition, we are able to match costs up to the level of each individual product (its ID).

How about B2B

We can also help the B2B segment, SaaS projects and the like, where a slightly different spectrum of problems is solved. For example, this can be leads evaluation, inquiries submission, transition from freemium to the paid version and others. All these things most often occur with a time lag or even off the web (personal meeting, phone call). But we will talk about that in the next contribution :)


We have had a successful year at PROFICIO. In addition to Klimatex and SportObchod, we can boast similar victories for Pneuboss, Top-Obaly online shops and the company iDoklad, which provides invoicing software as a service. We will be happy to help you with effective and strategically managed marketing. :)

Lukáš Vožda

I’m responsible for the analytics department at PROFICIO. My mission is to keep our agency up to date with the latest trends in analytics and technologies such as Google Cloud or Power BI.